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Financial Sponsorships

More than 60% of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon and Jordan live below the poverty line.

Making a difference through sponsorships

Increasing numbers of refugees in Lebanon and Jordan has put pressure on both countries which already struggle with ongoing conflict as well as social and economic issues such as low employment and unstable economies.  Palestinian and Syrian refugees in camps across Lebanon and Jordan have poor access to vital services, and families struggle to meet their needs in overcrowded and dangerous living conditions. This has been compounded by the influx of around 3 million refugees fleeing the conflict in Syria.

Our Sponsorships Programme helps to improve refugee families’ quality of life and address the needs of those caught up in displacement and poverty. We aim to support children so parents can navigate poverty and displacement better and make better decisions for their families.

Providing a financial lifeline enables families to afford everyday items including food and clean drinking water, while helping with larger expenses such as rent and medical care. UK Care for Children’s Sponsorship Programme offers relief and support to children and families that are experiencing displacement and struggle. Together, we can show they are not forgotten and do better for innocent children.


Your sponsorship can provide:

  • A tailored programme of needs for each child
  • Health care
  • Basic necessities, including food, shelter and clothing
  • Emotional support for traumatised children
  • Education and school equipment
  • Vocational training in practical skills such as information technology and languages

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Building a better future for Hakim

Hakim Beqaa Valley

“When I grow up, I want to be a doctor and help others. I want to thank my sponsor for helping my family and for enabling me to go to school...

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Family food parcels

food family parcels

During Ramadan 2019, UK Care for Children delivered food parcels to more than 1,400 refugee families in urgent need of support

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