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For the Children

War, displacement and poverty impact every aspect of life. Health, mental well being, opportunities, family and society are harmed when people are not allowed to achieve their basic human rights and live with dignity.

Children are innocent victims of decisions that governments and adults make. They are often unable to understand why they are struggling but they feel the pain of those around them as well as their own.

We are aiming to ensure that we can provide better support to children during these critical and uncertain times. Your support will allow us to reach more children and vulnerable families with both regular aid and also react to needs as they arise.

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Giving a little can make a huge impact. We can be the village that raises these children and uplifts them.

Asmaa lives in Al Rashdieh Camp in south Lebanon. She is a bright eight year old, who is good in school despite suffering from the blood disorder, thalassaemia.

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Muhammad is the eldest in his family and was orphaned after the sudden death of his father in an accident. He lives with his mother and siblings in a basement apartment that isn’t ideal for a family.

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Ibrahim’s home is in the narrow and damp alleyways of Beddawi Camp in northern Lebanon. He is one of 5 siblings and his father works as a painter to support the family.

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Mo’taz is one of three siblings and is only one years old. He lives with his family in Al Zarqa Camp, which is in Jordan. His mother is raising him and his brothers alone after the death of his father due to cancer. 

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