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Development Aid

Palestinian refugees in Lebanon are prevented for accessing basic economic, social and civil rights.

Development Aid

Refugees in Lebanon suffer from discriminatory labour laws and precarious working conditions, while poverty, poor living conditions and high unemployment are major challenges facing Palestinian refugees across the region in particular. People with disabilities are among the worst affected; they face many forms of deprivation including persistent stigma and discrimination, and poor access to basic services.

Our Development Aid projects support communities in Lebanon and Jordan in their efforts to bring about sustainable, long-term solutions to many of the obstacles that come with refugeehood and disadvantage.

Supporting women’s livelihoods in Lebanon

Women's livelihoods

“UK Care for Children recently purchased sewing machines for and provided training sessions to 15 refugee women in Saida, Lebanon.

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Vocational training and fee support


"Without your help, I wouldn’t be able to study. My family can barely cover the cost of our rent and the medical costs for my younger brother are really expensive." - Abeer, Said, Lebanon

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