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Crisis in Lebanon

Help families affected by the Coronavirus Pandemic and the explosion in Beirut

Lebanon is facing an economic crisis and a worsening on the Covid 19 Pandemic. Coronavirus cases have tripled in recent months, leaving the health sector struggling to cope.

The August 4th Blast not only harmed Beirut, it has also worsened the economic, health and food crises facing the country.

  • Food and hygiene supplies are beyond the reach of those struggling due to the economy, refugeehood and the pandemic.
  • Medical facilities are stretched and at breaking point; swamped with thousands injured and needing emergency support.
  • Families are food insecure, with food prices at an all time high and now the explosion has impacted Lebanon’s wheat supplies.
  • Much of Beirut has suffered damage, and its infrastructure is already worn out due to years of conflict and political neglect.
  • Refugee camps are densely populated with poor health facilities and inadequate housing, making the spread of Coronavirus more deadly.

UKC4C is on the ground right now providing immediate relief. We need to act now and help people when it is most critical. Your donation will make a huge difference to those caught in this sudden disaster and Lebanon’s ongoing humanitarian crisis.


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